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Ownership of various assets

A foreign company can be used effectively for owning of the various assets. These assets include real estate in the UAE and abroad, bank accounts in the different countries, securities, shares of other companies, the various rights, trademarks, etc.

The purpose of such holding over foreign company can be, for example, as follows:

  • Ensuring the assets protection;
  • Possibility of the more effective work with foreign partners;
  • Addressing the issues of inheritance;
  • Tax optimization at the various levels of business;
  • Consolidation of the cash flow and its optimal usage.

There are different jurisdictions with its own advantages and disadvantages for formation of company of this type. The UAE offers the possibility of registering companies with the 100% foreign participation for owning of the various assets – both in the UAE and abroad. What is important is that the company in the UAE may be both offshore as well as the completely residential one. At the same time it can be exempted from the taxes, what, in fact, is particularly reliable and attractive solution

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