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Registration of business in the United Arab Emirates and professional support

Each of our clients can count on a wide range of legal and consulting services for creating new and developing the existing business. You can entrust both full management of your project and implementation of separate processes and business stages to our experts. We are equipped to implement any your idea, regardless of its complexity. Effective and time-tested tools, which contribute to optimization of the business processes and elimination of the possible obstacles, are offered at your services.

The help of the professionals – it is the guaranteed legal assistance and the possibility for the entrepreneur to focus on the main – on developing his own business.

Common difficulties in business registration in the UAE

While implementing registration of the company in the Emirates without any assistance, the entrepreneurs may face the following difficulties:

  • It is difficult, at the first glance, to determine the choice of the legal form of the company, as the benefits and advantages of each type are not always obvious;
  • Significant time requirements for preparing and gathering the required documentation;
  • Difficulties with choosing a banking institution and opening an account;
  • Searching a local agent and visa application of the owners, family members and employees of the company.

Our solutions for your business

When cooperating with us, you get access to the comprehensive solutions for the various administrative and organizational issues in business in UAE. In particular, our clients receive:

  • Company registration in the UAE, necessary approvals in the respective departments and registration of the necessary business license, obtaining the certification and licensing documentation;
  • Registration of a newly established company in the public registry, and in the Ministry of labour and immigration services;
  • Maximum assistance in the issues of visa processing, including visas for shareholders, members of their families and employees of the company;
  • Opening the corporate bank accounts in the local and foreign banks;
  • Recruiting and assisting in selecting the labour force;
  • Legal support of business transactions.
  • Development and implementation of business ideas with taking into account the requirements of the market and applying the long-term strategies in the most various directions;
  • Legal support;

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